Over the summer break police will confiscate bikes and thieves are on the prowl. We solve that by offering a summer storage service.


After registering online drop off your bike at the drop-off location that is right on campus so you don't have to go far.


Unused bikes depreciate in performance so we offer additional tune-up options for the protective cyclists.

It's No Hassle Bike Storage!


Neutral Bicycle Storage offers students and other CU community members an easy and safe way to store their bicycle while away from home. All of the bikes we store are kept in a climate-controlled, clean, indoor space ensuring that your bike does not rust and deteriorate through exposure to the elements.

We can store bikes for any length of time and during any portion of the year. We also offer packages including basic maintenance and tune-ups so that when you get your bike back it rides even better than before. You can use our simple interface to register your bike and then drop it off at Neutral Cycles Campustown location on 5th and Green.